Sharin Construction Consulting Engineers has taken the honor of serving in the country's engineering field by Using the knowledge of the most experienced engineers and relying on the technical knowledge of it's personals.

Our services

Sharin construction Consulting Engineers is active in the field of designing and supervising the technical implementation of residential, commercial, office and industrial buildings, as well as interior design and construction and building facades design and construction.


Sharin Construction Consulting Engineers has achieved the 3rd rank certificate in the of residential, office, commercial, industrial and military buildings category and is trying to obtain the necessary certificates in the other fields .

suitable price

Sharin Construction consulting engineers has enabled to reduce the company's current costs by using of new management methods and in this situation it can offer its services at the most appropriate price.

Guaranteed quality

Providing complete, accurate and flawless services has always been one of the inviolable principles of Sharin Sakht Consulting Engineers from the beginning and the company is ready to provide a written service quality guarantee.

Design and Construction

By observing the principles in the arrangement and optimization of the rooms as well as observing the standards and paying attention to people's interests can always create peace, attractiveness and a sense of presence and staying there.

Building Construction

by technology advancement and the emergence of new construction methods, it is more important than ever to pay attention to the correct tips and principles of construction works.

Building design

Building design is based on architectural, engineering and technical principles. A professional and principled building plan is the first step to build a construction project.

Our work process

  • Meeting and agreement
  • Concept design
  • Design development
  • executive and construction documents

At this stage, the designer communicates with the client to collect data about the site, the current position and the client's wishes for the future building. If it is possible to visit and analyze the site, more detailed information about the project will be obtained. The designer researches local zoning and land use restrictions, then prepares a cost estimate to present at a meeting with the client. If the parties agree on the terms and scope of the project, they draw up a work contract.

At this stage, the client's wishes are translated into a concept design by the architectural design team. that maybe include sketches, plans, 3D renderings and preliminary site maps and building floor plans. Determining building systems, such as air conditioning and plumbing, is also done at this stage.

This is the stage where the architect's initial ideas become a detailed plan. If the project requires a structural or facility engineer, those people usually join the team at this stage. The architect also provides the client with renderings of the exterior and interior spaces that are being finalized. The output of this phase greatly affects the total cost of a construction project (as well as the project schedule). Therefore, it should be done with utmost care. At the end of this stage, a more realistic estimate of the building costs is obtained.

At this stage, all the documents and documentation of the project, including executive plans, 3D images and an accurate estimate of the construction cost of the project, have been delivered to the employer, and if the employer needs to receive technical advice and construction management from the company, executive documents and contracts have been prepared and in During the construction period, the project implementation process is regularly controlled by the technical teams and the project process is matched with the planning done so that finally a perfect and beautiful building, at the same time complete and in accordance with the technical rules and principles, is delivered to the client.


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