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The effect of interior design in office space

The design of the environment in office spaces is one of the important issues that have been raised continuously and the importance and how to create a suitable and efficient environment for human forces is emphasized. be effective Since interior architecture is directly related to the mental and psychological characteristics of humans, the characteristics of human behaviors in biological internal spaces, both public and private, should be carefully considered in the design to achieve a desirable design. Therefore, the designer deals with two categories when designing the interior space: the use of that space and the feeling and effect that he wants that space to have on the user.

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Most people spend most of their time in their workplaces. As it can be said, the workplace is the second home of people and their colleagues, their second family. Therefore, the arrangement of their work space should be such that they feel comfortable in this space and staying there for a long time is not boring for them. On the other hand, the type of arrangement and design of office spaces is important for customers and visitors apart from employees, as far as it can be said that the appearance and arrangement of office spaces briefly shows the type of activity, brand and reputation. The company shows the customers

This issue was raised in the distant past and, over time, it was noticed by the managers of organizations and offices and they were forced to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment according to the needs of the employees, so that their performance improves and as a result, efficiency increases the efficiency of their company, and on the other hand, they can attract the attention of customers in the first encounter.

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Office interior design has a direct impact on the performance and productivity of employees in office environments. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of personnel is manifested under the shelter of correct and correct office interior design. As a result, it has led to an increase in teamwork and the participation of the forces in reaching the lofty goals of the organizational unit, and it also brings with it the job satisfaction of the employees. Interior decoration design, in addition to organizing and ordering the environment, also involves the optimal use of space. Undoubtedly, personnel and employees spend a lot of time in their work environments. Based on this, to ensure their satisfaction and increase their efficiency, a flexible and comfortable work space can be realized. A good office environment improves the performance and interaction of the forces.

The appropriateness and congruence of the decoration of the work space with the type of tasks causes the employees to perform their work in the best way. Work space is very important in office interior design. Because working in a monotonous and soulless environment, in addition to causing job dissatisfaction, also reduces the efficiency and productivity of personnel to a significant extent. Quality office interior design creates dignity, respect and trust among employees. In light of office decoration, the spirit of work participation and high productivity is breathed into the body of the office environment.

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Therefore, in recent years, the design of office decoration has received more attention and interior designers and architects are looking to provide solutions for comfortable and standard office spaces, considering the needs of employees. In the previous sections, the architect line shared many articles related to office decoration for you, dear users, and examined the design of office spaces from various aspects. In this section, he plans to share some important and basic tips on different areas of office decoration design for you and also examine several examples of the best projects.

But it is better to know the characteristics of a good office before designing the office space and start designing according to these characteristics. A good office environment makes employees not feel tired during the time they are in the office and continue their activities with extra energy and enough concentration. A good office has many features, the most important of which are: being modern and up-to-date, having a spirit suitable for the type of activity, comfortable and suitable furniture, correct and sufficient lighting, providing the spaces needed for individual activities and groups etc. . Knowing these features allows designers to design the space more precisely.

Each office environment has its own conditions and coordinates. Therefore, the interior design of the offices of the administrative building should be considered and appropriate to the type of space, nature and activity of this environment. The presence of employees and forces of the administrative unit as one of the pillars of these environments should be considered. Creating balance in the space and optimal use of environmental components, while adapting to the employees' morale, also shows the field of activity of the administrative unit in a favorable way. Also, this case attracts the opinion and attention of the client. Implementing order and neatness in the interior design of office buildings creates a functional and flexible environment.

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In office buildings, the general space is divided into reception areas, rest areas, meeting rooms and work rooms. In order to create a unique and special space, each of these spaces can be decorated with items that match the environment. To separate work spaces, this can be achieved with the help of partitions. Using the name and brand of the office unit and engraving it on the wall leaves a perfect and unique effect on the interior design of the offices of the office building.

When customers enter an office, organization and organization, the first place they encounter is the reception area. Therefore, the effect that this part of the office interior can have on customers and even employees is really great, because the first encounters are usually recorded in people's minds and the way this part is designed introduces the quality of your office. If you have noticed, we said that the design of this department also affects the employees. You may be wondering how this section can affect employees. It is interesting to know that when employees enter the office, the first place they pass is the reception area.Therefore, if this space has a suitable design, it will transfer positive and additional energy to them at the beginning of the day, and the employees will start their activities with energy, and on the other hand, at the end of the day and tiredness from work and when they want to If they leave this office, this section can change their mood and reduce their fatigue. Therefore, it can be said that designers should be very careful in the design of this section and design a space with energy suitable for the spirit and personality of the office, so that it also represents the company's brand name.


An orderly and decorated environment looks distinct and different in the eyes of the client. The user-friendly and standard office environment meets many of the needs of its employees and forces them in a favorable way. One of the most influential and important elements in any space is the element of color. Colored elements play a colorful and prominent role in all interior design parts of office buildings, such as furniture, decorative and functional items, walls and ceilings. The calmness and attractiveness of the office environment is provided by the use of colored elements. Choosing the color of this space according to the type of job and profession has a significant impact. For financial and legal professions, using neutral colors is an acceptable and useful option.For jobs such as photography and graphics, using warm and energetic colors is an ideal and suitable option. Optimum use of the office environment in terms of visual, practical and even audio should be taken into consideration. The proper light factor is always emphasized in the interior design of offices in administrative buildings. Too much light damages the eyes and makes it difficult to focus on tasks. On the other hand, using low light brings boredom and fatigue. The amount of light used in the office environment should have proper balance and homogeneity.