Sharin Construction Consulting Engineers Company was established in 2013 with the collective efforts of elite experts in order to improve the technical and executive system of the country, and since then by attracting and benefiting from elite experts and creative and experienced engineers and obtaining qualification certificates with support. Suitable for hardware and software has given the company unique capabilities in providing engineering, management, employer consultant, design and supervision services and has been able to introduce and establish itself as a dynamic and committed element in the large technical and engineering complex of the country.

The belief of the managers of the company in the potential, experience, technical knowledge of the personnel, as well as the belief in providing the best services to the employers, caused the company's activity in the fields of Expand various technical and engineering.

The proud company activities , along with the valuable records of colleagues and technical personnel, is a huge support for realizing the goals of these consulting engineers to provide different services in the fields of design, supervision, technical management and providing technical and economic justification plans in various local, national and international projects.

درباره ما | گروه مهندسی شارین |

Mohammad Reza Kechuian Jafari


درباره ما | گروه مهندسی شارین |

Shirin Noori

Chairman of the Board

درباره ما | گروه مهندسی شارین |

Masoud Golchin

Member of the Board

درباره ما | گروه مهندسی شارین |

Faeze Kechuian Jafari

Manager of the supervision department